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Customer Service

Customer service is the foundation that we overture our customers, either before or after they purchase and use our products or services that aid them to have a simple effortless and enjoyable adventure with us. Offering astonishing customer service is essential if you want to maintain consumers and enhance your business. your business There are countless reasons about why customer service is essential and many ways you can make sure that you are fetching the service which makes the flawless experience for your customers. BPO (Business process outsourcing) is the action of outsourcing few sides of your business’s activities to a third-party service provider. Not all the companies have the staff, tools, and skills needed to meet their customers’ considerations of call center service. A BPO call center is consists of a crew of outsourced agents that may handle incoming and outgoing consumer calls for other businesses.

Here are the few characteristics of good customer service:
Promptness: providing of the delivery of products must be on time. For any business, using
good manners is suitable whether the customer buys or not.
Personalization: Using the customer’s name is very effective in enhancing and getting loyalty.
Professionalism: it is very important to treat all the customers professionally, which means the use of abilities or skill expected of the professional.

Customer service is an essential aspect because it can help you with:
• It helps in enhancing and boosting customer loyalty
• boosts the capacity of money which every customer spends with your business
• It helps in increasing how often a customer buys from you
• creates a positive nuncupative about

Customer service is the task with the purpose of taking care of the customer's requirements by giving and delivering a white-collar, helpful, exacting requirements service and helping before, during, and after the customer's needs are met. Greeting such as 'hello,' 'good afternoon,' 'sir,' ‘madam’, ‘have a good day’ and 'thank you’ are the important part of good customer service which we provides you as “your call; our first priority”.

Lead Generation

Lead generation can possibly be defined as a method used of attracting potential and persuading them into someone who has an awareness or interest in your firm’s products and services. The present time brands make use of numerous lead generation strategies such as:

• Social media marketing
• Networking
• Live events & seminars
• Website landing pages
• Email marketing
• Coupons 

Such are the just some of the strategies that you can use to attract your potential customers to your product. Many of the companies choose to twig to what works advantageous for them, as lead generation strategies varies according industry to industry. Emails or social media marketing for their lead generation may work for online fashion stores, but the identical strategies might not work for software companies. Community that is looking for software might need more facts and information on the product, which is why a blog or a progression of seminars or meetings could work better as lead generation tools.


Lead generation is the onset of any business marketing strategy. Most of the latest marketing experts promote digital marketing as an effectual and productive lead generation channel that consists of landing pages, blogs, subscription pop-ups, and forms. All these tried and true lead generation channels have one thing in common, which is communication, right communication with your customers is the main part in any lead generating channel. A captivating business slogan or title on the landing page, eye-catching email subject and CTA in a form, all of these have an impingement on what you want to communicate with your customers and how productively and successfully you do so. Despite that, all these channels do not accelerate a two-way communication. The queries and requirements of your potential customer might be put on the back burner. And Here is where “customer service” is needed.

BPO (Business process outsourcing)

Business process outsourcing (BPO) is a sort of outsourcing wherein a third-party aid contributor is hired to conduct one or more business objectives or functions in a company. Organizations agreement with BPO management is for back office operations and front office operations. BPO put forward several benefits, such as low-priced global expansion, and higher efficiency, high-yield while some of the flaws include security issues, hidden cost or unforeseen expenses and Excessive dependence. A BPO call center is a group of outsourced agents who will hold the duty regarding incoming and outgoing customer calls for other businesses. The companies normally come in the contract with the BPO carrying two main motives: These activities including day to day operations payment processing, information technology services, quality assurance, settlements, clearances , it facilities accounting related such as auditing etc. known as back office activities ( behind the scene). These activities include marketing, sales, customer relations, public relation, trading and grievance redressed. Known as front office activities (top brass) The BPO services facilitates by important business process outsourcing organizations.

It is a huge aid for extraterritorial companies in respect to
administration of their noncore or side business functions and tasks. The individuals being working in
this industry are for several years handling all kind of jobs, which gives you broad time to emphasize
on your core and top business processes. Systematically organized services provided by any BPO Company aids organizations and businessmen in different ways. Organizations today, require beneficial and apt human asset that can build economies of scale. This
is one of the finest reasonable logic that makes BPOs attractive and engaging for organizations.
Expanded coverage is also the key benefit giving it an essential importance because as the
companies that needs 24/7 customer services activities can generally quickly achieve that capability
as “Serving you through our voice” by contacting with BPO source with never-ending abilities
and multiple geological locations.


Telemarketing can be likely defined as marketing of goods and services through direct marketing to prospective consumers over the telephone, mail, and internet. Direct meetings and Direct mail are not included in telemarketing. It is an important part of business. It is the method of beginning sales and hopefully finishing the sales across the telephone, mail, Internet. Telemarketing is also performed to create good and upstanding relationship with consumers as

’Everything begins with connection’’
And it has many advantages such as:
• It is the most low-cost and liable way
• Increasing sales region by selling from distance
• Out-reach more consumers than face to face selling
• Through telemarketing we can get instant feedback of our services and products through
mail, internet, and telephone
• Telemarketers can get aware of common issue of consumers because of online system.
• Telemarketers can also reach not only their potential customers but also their new customers
Customer service is the part of telemarketing. Telemarketers get review from customers and help
them solve their problem related to any product or service of company ‘’Customer service is our whole organization’’
Most companies hire BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) to hold the whole process of order and delivery by keeping in contact with telemarketers. Telemarketing has following types some of them as follows:
In inbound telemarketing customer call telemarketers first they are already interested in their product
of services through their advertising and networking channels and campaigns In this case
telemarketers have to give further details about the products customers are interested in.
Out bound telemarketing requires telemarketers to reach out customers through phone calls, mails
and internet. Telemarketers make them aware of their products and services to make them buy your
products or services. In out bounding telemarketing there is a possibility of rejection because initially
customers are not interested in products or services.

Outsourcing refers to the business dealings of appointing a party exterior from an organization to carry out assistance and generate goods that primarily were carried out in-house by the
organization’s own workers and hired hands. Outscoring usually take on as a practice by the companies as a cost- reduction measure. Outsourcing was first perceived as a business system in 1989 and turned into a fundamental piece of business financial matters all over the 1990s. Outsourced work may incorporate everything from caretaker obligations to IT help to customer care. It can influence a broad-spectrum of jobs, varying from client service to mass production to the customer services. ‘’Outsourcing arrangements made simple’’ Call center outsourcing is the vital and strategic business choice to impact an outsider organization, generally known as business measure outsourcer or BPO, to deal with, control or deal with your call community and client care tasks and exercises. The benefits of outsourcing are the cost of buying apparatus and wanting a new place can be forbid. So in this case outsourcing is more effective than to enlarge operations privately. Outsourcing can be a decent alternative if the expense of extending to deal with those tasks yourself is excessively costly, would produce excessively long to results, or would make incapacity in your business plan. Outscoring help to improve business to concentrate on organizational main activities. Outsourcing can give permission to business to focus on its qualities, giving permission to workers to focus on their primary tasks and on the future methodology. The disadvantage of outsourcing is to Connections between the organization and external service providers can be difficult, and safety warnings can arouse when various and diverse parties can approach tactful information. There is a lack of flexibility in business. Agreement could prove too complicated to make changes in business. Outsourcing can cause management related problems due to excessive changes.

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