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The top Customer Service Challenges for Automakers and Automotive Technology Companies

The automotive business is going through revolutionary alternates directed by advancements in
transportation and IoT technology. To get successful in the emerging flexible habitat
ecosystem, automakers should change a long-established business model of building and selling
cars to yielding end-to-end maneuverability of services.

The procreation of associated devices and advances in autonomous technology are modifying
the consumers’ views of transportation. The Global Mobile Suppliers Association (GSMA) have
disclosed that cars are appearing as the new plan of action for a wide range of media and
services, and that up adequate to two-thirds of new cars sold by 2025 are probable to be
fasten. Instantly, fully autonomous vehicles inch closer to managerial endorsement for the
public, automakers are previously been investing in fractional-autonomous safety aspects and
features and advanced driver-assistance systems which are being anticipated to decrease the
accidents, lower insurance rates and assist you to get consumer acceptance for the actuality of
self-driving cars.

However the variations in trend of vehicle ownership, growing stipulation for mobility on
demand and mobility as a service, point approaching an increase in technological
investments in the section. At the homogenous front, automakers like BMW and Ford have
been created a enormous investments in the accession of various technologies. The
cyberspace-related service such as major Google and Uber are as well ensuing the
bandwagon as the latest consumer are more tech savvy and greed for improved and
betterment, efficient, competent vehicles these days.

In the last few years, consumer behavior has appeared to be shaped and cast by the growth of
mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) the companies that gives car-sharing g, e-hailing and ride-sharing
output and services. In cosmopolitan areas, the simplicity and attainability of hailing a car with
a mobile app have made (MaaS) the finest option for local transportation.

Now here are the top Customer Service Challenges for Automakers and Automotive Technology

During the changes in the consumer behavior regarding automobiles and transportation,
enduring business models are fluctuating within the automotive industry. Automakers cannot
formerly discriminate solely on the construction and quality of the product; the worth of the
ecosystem and flawless integration with mobile services and IoT devices are also consequential
elements that will blow the customer satisfaction. The complete industry is previously being
facing some very genuine challenges and difficulties, which will be partaken even more
significantly over the next decade. The important fact that this business is a big contributor to
the financial system means that all that happens to it will have a crucial and considerable
collision on the world as a whole.

There are few challenges faced by automotive companies:

• Consumers of affiliated cars will anticipate one-stop base for third-party IoT devices and
apps acquirable on the mobile platform.
• As we know that car-buying process moves online, automakers and dealerships got a
chance to clout digital connection points to enlists customers. Presenting an online chat
and click-to-call permits to acquainted service and sales staff can aids you in engaging
consumers during the online analysis phase and guide their buying accord or decision.
• Numerous MaaS companies’ deficiency of direct email and phone acceptance to
customer service. Many customers have uttered their dissatisfaction and frustrations via
social media sites and are calling for the organizations that make it challenging for
customers to associate with a person who can answer the queries and resolve billing
issues and other accuses. Giving innovative, ingenious and easy-to-use technology is
insufficient to counteract poor or unattainable customer service
• As during this pandemic the WHO has confirmed that the COVID-19 is here to stay. The
flare-up of the corona virus that was firstly found in China has now spread worldwide
with its different variations. Scarcity of auto components is first and foremost due to
heavy dependency on China. The way out for this problem can be shifted to other
countries for congregating the request for the automotive components. Although, the
enduring solution can be concentrating or focusing on the domesticated production
plants, which can delicately provide the employment opportunities and conveniences.
• Conventional OEMs and developing auto-tech companies alike will be required to
provide simultaneous real-time customer service and also elevate service delivery
models that are active and can develop and adapt to assemble consumer and business
needs in a fast changing space.
• Unsold inventory is also expanding on Y-o-Y basis. American International Automobile
Dealers Association (AIADA) reported unsalable 3.95 million vehicles on dealership lot at
the end of January 2019. Apart from, economic decline amid SARS COV-2 is anticipated
to further exasperate the circumstances.

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➢ Proving Concierge or attendant services
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➢ Total loss and auto sales and deals
➢ Dealer management systems
➢ Management of the commercial motors
➢ manage expenses connected with the vehicles
➢ Auto hire-charge apprehension
➢ motor pool services
➢ Vehicle service/extended warranty contract
➢ Auto maintenance scheduling
➢ The post-market sales
➢ recollects
➢ Auto security or safeguard
➢ Additional guarantee support
➢ 24/7/365 call center support/ client service
➢ in pouring call center services
➢ Out flowing call center services
➢ Proving the customers with live chats and click to calls
➢ Proving the customers facilities such as Email, SMS and social media support
➢ Aiding the customers rightly while they are using your app
➢ Non client-facing activities and digital channel
➢ Content restraint and community conference or forum support

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